The qualification programme is offered in German and English. It is structured into three stages with dynamically reducing workloads. Through the programme doctoral candidates from the different disciplines: 

  • will acquire substantial research competencies in the first year,  
  • build and widen their academic networks in the second year
  • complete their dissertation and get an overview of the job market in the third and fourth year.

As shown in the chart below, the study - and qualification programme consists of mandatory components (green area in the chart below) and optional components (blue area in the chart below). 

The cornerstones pf the programme are the annual "Klausurtagung" (retreat) as well as the colloquia with the theory workshops (2 academic units) during the lecture period. In addition to that obligatory courses with topics that can be freely chosen must be attended. The workload of these courses is reduced year by year. In the third and - if applicable - the fourth year doctoral candidates can completely focus on their dissertations. 

Futher optional trainings are offered annually and - depending on the qualification stage -  can be chosen from freely. Training opportunities are family friendly through the possibility of child care support and dates and times of trainings and events that are negotiated by all members of the research training group.

For female members and members with families individual mentorings can be arranged to support them on their way to obtaining their PhDs.

Furthermore the Graduate Academy of the University of Jena offers a great variety of specific training courses with which the doctoral candidates can complement their trainings within the programme. 


Qualification programme scheme